Sunday, November 7, 2010

8 Months

Eight sweet, breathtaking months. So much has happened this past month, so many new developments. Every month... hell, every day, a new layer of her personality shines through...and we're loving every second of it.

It's unreal to think that Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away, then her very first Christmas! Jack and I have already gone a bit overboard with buying her Christmas gifts, but what can you do? She's getting to the stage where she can figure out what her toys do, so it's amazing to sit and watch her learn and master these things.

I know you'll think I'm crazy, but I've been throwing around ideas regarding her 1st birthday party. :) I have pages and pages of decor, favors, party ideas, etc. and this is only the beginning!

On to the stats:
  • Probably my favorite!: She's giving kisses!! It has to be the absolute sweetest thing I've ever seen. You say, "Give me a kiss", and she opens her mouth and leans over to kiss you! She LOVES giving Jack kisses, and I'll manage to get lucky every once in a while. :)
  • Her vocabulary list has expanded to include: dada, mama, bye bye, and nana. She's still a little confused with bye bye, she just babbles it randomly for now.
  • She's crawling like she's been doing it her whole life! (I'll post a video soon) I'm sure you know what this means... she is into EVERYTHING!
  • Since she's hitting a new "stage" in her solids chart, it's opened up a whole new list of yummy foods to try. We've been making her purees a lot thicker, and soon we'll start giving her baby chunks instead of mashing everything. She's still eating solids twice a day for breakfast and dinner.
  • Chunky can fit into 12 month and some 18 month clothes. No more 9 month's... her arms and calves are too thick! Ha!
  • I've already announced, but her first tooth popped through about a week ago. The bottom left is *this* close to coming through... but she's actually handling this one much better than the first.
  • She's pulling herself up to a kneeling position. If I stand her up at her little table, she's stand there without falling until I plop her back down. She's also going from crawling to sitting... sitting to crawling. We've had to drop the crib mattress down because she's so close to pulling herself up to stand.
  • We're on and off with the severe "stranger danger" phase. One day she'll let Jack hold her, let strangers talk to her without breaking down in a flood of tears, the next day? Don't even try looking at her. That's all it takes. She wants to be on my hips at.all.times. Or else... haha.
These are the result of a crawling baby who wanted nothing to do with having her picture taken... she was WAY more concerned with eating the grass and leaves. :)




I just love this squishy face...hehehe




  1. Gosh! They do grow up so fast! She gets prettier with every picture! I just love all the clothes you put her in too, and that hat! <3

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