Thursday, June 18, 2009

Who am I?

So I've come to the realization that I've never really introduced myself. So here goes...

DH and I were married 3/31/07 in a beautiful pavilion overlooking river rapids. We dated a little over 2 years before we were married, and as corny as this sounds, we have spent literally every single day together since we met. He is my best friend, my entire world; he understands and loves me in ways I never imagined possible. We have two dogs, a yorkie and a shihtzu (my babies). I'm a routine person. I have to have things on a schedule (for the most part) and follow said schedule meticoulously. I'm driven, a hard worker, and I believe anything worth having is worth working for. I take my career very seriously, and my marriage even more so. I have a bad temper at times, but a tender heart that is easily pursuaded with the right words. I dream of becoming successful, having a family, and enjoying life to the fullest. I'm a Christian, and truly believe that everything happens as part of His plan, not ours. Our life is in His hands.

So that's a little about me... now you know.

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