Saturday, June 5, 2010

3 months!

It took 3 months, and she's already doubled her birth weight! Everything is becoming so interesting to her now; it's amazing to see her reaction to different textures, colors, and patterns. She's developing her little personality, and my is she a sweetheart! Here are some updates for the month, along with pictures, of course!

  • She's officially "Daddy's girl". She smiles at anyone, but you should see the way she interacts with her daddy. The minute she lays eye on him, she talks and talks to him.

  • She's started to mock us. If we stick our tongue out, she tries until she does the same.

  • Sleeping through the night has become the norm. (Thank you, baby girl!!)

  • Tummy time is still her least favorite activity. We can usually get about 5 good minutes in before the fussing begins.

  • We're almost completely out of 0-3 month clothes. She's way too long for most of them, and now the onesies are getting a little tight.

  • She weighed in at 14 lbs 2 oz on Thursday. That's exactly double her 7lb 1 oz birth weight! Already!

  • Size 1 diapers are now waaay too small, so we've graduated to 2's.

  • She's found her laugh. It's hands down the sweetest thing I've ever heard. :)


  1. Lily is ADORABLE!
    And now I need to paint Alice's toenails. Too cute!

  2. what a sweet little girl!

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  4. She's adorable!

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  5. Oh my goodness she is just precious! Love the monthly shirt photos. I'm a new follower :) Love your blog.

  6. Hello. I just found your blog while blog hoppin'! Your daughter is beautiful, I LOVE LOVE LOVE her toes...soooo CUTE!! (oh & your puppy is a cutie too)

    I'm your newest follower now... I'm gonna peek around here more.

    Have a great weekend:)