Wednesday, February 17, 2010

36w Appointment - Contractions?!

So it seems our little anxious one may make her arrival sooner than we thought, or so the doctor says. =) I woke up around 3am Tuesday morning with period like cramps and braxton hicks. The braxton hicks are no biggie, but accompanied by the cramps, it definitely sparked my interest. These lasted (and progressively got stronger) throughout the morning, and by my appointment at 10, I was in some minor pain. Nothing horrible, just extremely uncomfortable - especially in my back. The doctor didn't seem too overly concerned with it. She told me to keep timing them and just head to L&D if they became consistent. She did mention that with the size of the baby and the fact that I was having contractions, she didn't think I'd make it a few more weeks. All day long I had contractions. They varied anywhere from 3-4 minutes apart to 30-45 minutes apart.

Jack and I went out and ate Chinese, proceeded to Target to try and walk (Huge FAIL - I was so sore we ended up leaving after like 10 minutes), then went home and took a bath. Things had calmed down a bit by late last night, the contractions were averaging 30 minutes or so apart.
I didn't sleep last night because of the anticipation, contractions, and the fact that my abs felt like someone had stuffed them in a food processor and left it on for an hour. Talk about being sore!

So there's my update. I'm still having contractions, still averaging around 30-45 minutes apart. I'm hoping if nothing else that this little tease spell is helping me make a little progress down there. Only time will tell... =)

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  1. Good luck!! So exciting that you are starting to have contractions!