Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2 month shots. My poor, poor baby.

I keep having to remind myself that these vaccinations are a good thing, that it's imperative for her health that she gets them. Otherwise, I would pack up my husband and dogs and we would all run far, far away from the devil doctors with those horrid needles. I can honestly say there is NOTHING worse than seeing your child in pain. The emotional hurt is one so deep it leaves you breathless.

Needless to say, our baby girl is a trooper. Sure, she screamed bloody murder, but who wouldn't after being stuck three times in the legs. She's now sporting her first bandaids. She's had her first taste of cherry tylenol. Seeing that she's been through a stomach virus and she's still fighting a cold thats been lingering for over a week now, I see her as a strong little (well, big) girl. She's a lot tougher than mommy and daddy, that's for sure. Smiling through it all. That's my girl. :)

The damage :(
After a long, hard day, all she wanted was to cuddle. :)

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  1. Aw, as sad as this post is, she certainly looks so sweet sleeping.