Thursday, May 6, 2010

2 months!

Our little tiny newborn is turning into a chunky, ever so lovable, big baby. :) 2 months old already! My gosh... time is flying by. She's becoming so much more interactive with us and her surroundings. I grow more & more in love with her by the minute... how could you not?!

Here are a few new developments since her 1 month post:

  • Started daycare last Wednesday. Absolutely one of the hardest days of my life... she could have cared less. She smiled at the teachers the minute she set eyes on them. My little social butterfly.
  • Cooing has become a constant. She smiles and coos all day long! She "talks" to her daddy and me, the trees, the ceiling fans, the dogs, whatever is in her eyesight at the moment she tries to carry on a conversation with. It's adorable. :)
  • She's eating 4 oz. at each feeding now. My little chunker! She eats around every 2 - 3 hours during the day. In the afternoons she cluster feeds, so she eats less but more often, around every 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Sleeping is getting better by the day! Her bedtime is 9 - 9:30, and she usually wakes only once anywhere from 1 - 3 to eat, then she's up with me at 5:45.
  • She's still napping 2-3 times a day. I think daycare wears her out! She only takes one (usually short) nap while she's there so by the time she gets home she is beat!
  • Still not a fan of tummy time. She'll tolerate it for no more than 10 minutes at a time. We're working our way up though!
  • She can roll from her back to her side (completely) but not all the way over yet. I'm sure it will be any day now!
  • She's in 0-3 month clothes, and some 3-6! That's because she's so long. She doesn't fit in almost any of the 0-3 month full body outfits because of her long legs. :) Her feet and half of her legs stick out of the 0-3 sleep gowns.
  • Poor baby was sick for the first time last weekend. She was throwing up... but smiling the entire time! Then Monday she came down with a head cold. Damn daycare germs.
  • Our little porker weighed in at 11lb. 10oz. and 23 in. long on Monday. She's all rolls!

She's growing up so fast. I'm trying so hard to inhale and absorb it all while I can... She won't be this little for long! ::insert bittersweet cry::

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