Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wait.. does the clock say 7?!

I'm 99.9% positive I'm going to jinx us, but as I now feel like a new woman, I must tell! Bedtime was a little later for my sweet girl. This was due to the fact that the Frank's are in town, and who can resist partying it up "Frank style"?! (more on that later)

We slept from 11 last night until 7 this morning! 8 freakin' hours! I haven't slept for 8 hours in one night since 1st trimester. I looked at the clock this morning like it was crazy. Like it had lost it's batteries or was playing a cruel joke on us. Where did 2:00 and 5:00 go?! I'll most likely see them both again tonight, but who cares?? I'm a new woman!


  1. That's awesome!!!
    Alice made it from 10-6 last night.
    I know exactly what you mean when you say you feel like a new woman! :)

  2. Over from Meetup Monday and I am so completely jealous of your 8 hours.

  3. Stopping by from Monday Meetup...thats awesome that you got 8 hours of sleep! My youngest son who is three still gets up from time to time in the middle of the night!

  4. glad your little lady is sleeping better!! Thanks for the comment on my blog about the diaper cake. The key is lots and lots of rubber bands, and a little hot glue!

  5. Hello my well rested friend! Good for you! I remember the days....sleep was nearly as precious as my little angels....ha ha

    I am here from Meetup Monday, and hope you have a chance to stop by my blog Moms Own Words. Thanks and have a restful week!!

  6. My goodness, isn't that just the best thing ever?! My now 2 and a half year old only just started sleeping through the night, but I remember vividly when he was 4 months old he slept for a whole 8 hours. Probably the best morning of my life! haha.

    Stopping by from Just Another Manic Momday's Monday Meet-Up, great to meet you! (and your daughter is gorgeous by the way!)

  7. I remember those days..Now it is my children that don't sleep :-)

    I am visiting and following you from Meetup Mondays!

    You can find me here~