Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Christmas Lookback

I hope everyone had a very blessed, merry Christmas! Ours was fantastic! We started on Christmas Eve by letting each of us open one of our gifts. (Okay, Jack and I got a little carried away and opened all of ours to each other... hehe)

Lily's first Christmas present on Christmas Eve - She did so good opening the paper:


Christmas morning was perfect. We enjoyed a delicious home cooked big breakfast (even Lily enjoyed!) while we watched A Christmas Story, overcome with the reality that our little girl was experiencing her very first Christmas. The whole day was absolutely surreal.

Then it was time to open Santa's presents:




Jack was going for a "No shave December". It lasted until last night... ha!


...and a picture of our Georgia tree.


After Santa's presents were open, we got all dressed and ready to go and headed to Nanny's (my mom's) for more presents and our traditional Christmas lunch. (My mom cooks the best Christmas ham your taste buds will ever encounter.. promise)


"I seriously have to open all of these??"


We visited Papa's house after lunch, and finished up Christmas day with a visit to Lily's other grandparents. I wish I had pictures to post from there too, because she had a blast!

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