Monday, December 20, 2010

The obligatory Santa pictures

You all know by now that our sweet little girl isn't really a big "people person" lately. Needless to say, we were dreading these photos. But what's a baby's first Christmas without the obligatory Santa's lap pictures?

The mall wanted something like $35 for ONE 5x7... um, no. We found our own Santa at the local Harley Davidson store (hardcore, right?) and it cost us nothing but sweet time and energy. :)

I thought she'd go crazy, but check this out!! This must be her alter ego... either that or she had one hell of a great nap.

When we first sat her on his lap
Santa 002

"Let me check out whose lap I'm sitting on"
Santa 001

"Mama... he's kinda cute!"
Santa 003


  1. You scored finding that Santa! I can't believe how much they are charging this year.The pictures came out fantastic! I wonder if Santa has a bike, haha.

  2. Ahhh so cute!!! Hunter LOVED SANTA! Tried to rip his beard AND glasses off!!