Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm procrastinating... here's the party!

I'm procrastinating writing her 1 year post on purpose. Why is it so hard to swallow the fact that my baby is one?  I promise I'll have it up as soon as I get a chance to upload the rest of our disasterous attempted 1 year shoot.

On to the good stuff! Jack and I spent almost every night for 2 months hand making most of the decorations and invitations for her party. The theme was pink, more pink, and green, but I did order a few cute "baby woodland" details from a seller on Etsy. We only invited close friends and immediate family so it was a small party, but she had fun. =)

Warning: HUGE photo overload.
Family photo with some serious cheese!
The decorations:

The cake smash that was eaten ever so politely.

We ended up "smashing" it for her.

This is what she did the entire time I opened her gifts. She's walking everywhere!

So much preparation, so much anticipation... and it's here and gone. I hope she enjoyed herself as much as we did putting everything together for her! She's officially one!


  1. Adorable party! We had a big 1st birthday party this weekend too!

  2. So cute...love all the decorations. I did the same. I just couldnt get myself to take his 12 months pics or write the post. As if he wouldnt turn 1 until I did it.

  3. The party came out awesome! If it makes you feel any better, my daughter's party was almost a month ago and I still haven't blogged the pictures.