Monday, March 28, 2011

She's a prim and proper eater... just like her Mama.

I've never been known as a "delicate" eater. I devour... I'm notorious for getting more food on my clothes/the floor than in my mouth. If you've ever eaten dinner at our house, you know where our dogs like to sit. Right beside me. I've ruined so many of my favorite clothes because I just literally cannot make it from my plate to my mouth without dropping at least a little something.

She's taking after her Mama on this one. =)

Oh, and I promise we normally clothe the kid. I hope you'll understand why she eats nakey after seeing these pictures. lol.

Sorry this one's so out of focus...

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  1. I love this! We still haven't tried spaghetti yet, but it looks like so much fun we might just have to go for it!