Tuesday, January 26, 2010

33 Weeks!

It's amazing to think that Jack and I are going to be parents in 7 weeks or so. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the feelings that I feel just typing that. Everything is coming together, and every day that passes we are one day closer to meeting our baby girl. I just simply can't believe it. :)

This week has been a week of progress in the nursery. We got the dresser in... and we're still struggling trying to piece it together. ::hehe:: The blinds and curtains are up, my hanging laterns that I had a fit for are now displayed about the glider, and we found a shag rug at Target that just happened to match the wall color perfectly! Her clothes (that we have now) have been washed and are all folded and/or hung up, ready for wear.

My first shower is this weekend and I'm thrilled! I have the best group of friends and family... seriously.

**How far along? 33 Weeks... 7 to go!!

**Total weight gain/loss: Holy cow. Literally. COW. 33 lbs.

**How big is baby?: She should be around the 4 - 4 1/2 lb mark now. :)

**Maternity clothes? Barely. My stomach hangs out of everything. It's not cute.

**Stretch marks? I'm bitter about this question. I think I might have the beginning of some on my tummy. I'm still holding out hope though!

**Sleep: pfff- need I say more?

**Best moment this week: Getting more of the nursery put together. Oh, and finding out Lily is "locked and loaded"! She's head down!!

**Movement: She's running out of room, so it's not really kicks/punches anymore. It's more like shes doing log rolls in there. She'll start on one side and roooolll her way to the other. It's the craziest thing to look at. :)

**Food cravings: Considering the snow cone vendor DISAPPEARED, I've had to resort to only slush puppies this week. Still delish, but damn I want a snow cone now. :(

**Gender: Sweet baby girl!

**Labor Signs: Not too many braxton hicks this week, which is good I guess?

**Belly Button in or out? Haha - I'll have an outie for the remainder of this journey.

**What I am looking forward to: My first baby shower this weekend!

**Weekly Wisdom: Don't worry too much if baby isn't head down early on. I thought for sure we'd have a problem... but sure enough, she turned when she was ready!

**Milestones: Lily's head down, the nursery is coming together, and we only have 7 or so weeks left!

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