Monday, July 26, 2010

One tough cookie

I've been procrastinating with getting Lily's ears pierced for almost two months now. We had a seriously bad experience with her old doctor, so I was nervous it wouldn't go over so well with my sweet girl.

With Nanny (my mom) in tow, we headed to the mall yesterday. As instructed, I gave her some infant tylenol (don't worry... it was generic) beforehand to help with possible throbing afterwards. She did amazing! The entire process took less than 5 minutes, from the tech explaining everything in detail to the actual piercing. Lily cried for all of 30 seconds max, then it was back to smiling and blowing raspberries. She's such a tough little girl. :)

Playing with Daddy in the store

Jack and I were so nervous, Nanny had to hold her.
She's looking at the tech like, "WTH are you planning on doing with that?"

My tough babe, about 20 seconds after it was over.


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