Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Things I've heard/been asked recently

"Wow, Lily's a big 4 month old!"
Why, thank you! :) She likes to eat, what can I say? She's over 95% in weight, height, and head circumference, so yes, I'd categorize her as "big".

"How long do you plan on breastfeeding?"
My original goal was 6-8 months. The more I research, the more I understand the importance of breastfeeding until at least 1 year. My goal is for her to never have an ounce of formula. (Let me clarify: I'm not suggesting formula is bad. I realize I'm extremely lucky to not have problems with my supply.)**

"You haven't started her on solids yet?"
Nope. And we're not planning to start until at least 6 months. Until around one year, solids are more for practice than for nutritional value. Delaying solids can decrease the risk of food allergies, helps protect against anemia and obesity, and helps the baby to develop a better immune system. We'll follow her lead, her cues, but I'm not rushing into anything.**

"She's not in her crib yet?"
No, and I have no plans of moving her any time soon. She sleeps in her Pack-n-Play right next to our bed. It works perfect for us and Jack doesn't mind (he sleeps through her middle-of-the-night feeding anyways). To be quite honest, I'm petrified of having her on the other side of the house. Call it separation anxiety if you must, because that's exactly what it is!

"Have you lost all of your pregnancy weight? If so, how?"
I'm in shock, but yes. I was back down to my pre pregnancy weight by 13 weeks postpartum. My pants didn't fit until somewhere around 16 weeks PP though. I'm now 5 lbs. lighter than I was before I got pregnant, but I promise, it's distributed so differently than it was pre-baby.
How did I lose it? Breastfeeding. Seriously. Again, I realize I'm lucky but that's really all it took. 

"How has your life changed since having LO?"
Dramatically. No one could ever accurately describe the way your entire world flips completely upside down once you have a child. Your emotions become raw. Your relationship with your husband (or significant other) will be tested beyond belief. You become completely different people. Your priorities are astoundingly different (obviously). You'll make sacrafices you never thought you'd make, and you're happy to do so. Really, I could write an entire book on every little detail of the "new" life after baby, but I think I'll just say yes, it changes, but for a reason worth changing anything and everything for. You learn how to live with your heart outside your chest.

**For more information on the benefits of breastfeeding and delaying solids (and TONS of other useful information on these subjects), go to www.kellymom.com


  1. =) love all of your responses!! =) people are too nosey sometimes!! and lucky you with the baby weight, mine is 9 months tomorrow and i still have a little to go. =)


  2. Why do people think they need to ask all of those things?! My babies have all been crazy skinny. We get the same kind of comments about their size...as if they're defective or something. ;-) I just point to my husband and say, "Well look at him! They take after him." She looks absolutely perfect! Great job Mom! Nice to meet you at New Friend Fridays at The Girl Creative!

  3. I hate people. Seriously.

    Anyway, I BF my son till he was 1 and it was great. I am planning to do the same with my daughter who will be here in October. :)