Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Goodbye 1st Tri!

Tomorrow, the 9th, will officially be the beginning of 2nd trimester! Friday afternoon after dinner DH & I brought out the doppler and started searching. What do you know?! Within 5 minutes we heard a strong little heartbeat! It was registering around 160 bpm, which is a pretty nice increase from the 143 bmp back at 7 weeks 2 days! It sounded so perfect, and of course I teared up instantly. I honestly can't describe the surreal feeling you experience listening to your baby's heartbeat. What a true miracle!

**How far along? 13 weeks!

**Total weight gain/loss: Up 2 total. Woah, slow down! That's 1 lb./week the past 2 weeks.

**How Big is Baby?: A peach :)

**Maternity clothes? Still mostly belly bands. I'm wearing 2 of my Old Navy maternity pants for <6>

**Stretch marks? None yet ::crosses fingers::

**Sleep: It was actually not too bad this week. Only once a night pee breaks. :)

**Best moment this week: Entering 2nd tri and hearing LO's hb on our doppler!

**Movement: Getting closer!! I can't wait!

**Food cravings: Not so many this week. Nothing really sounds appetizing.

**Gender: Still feeling girl.

**Labor Signs: Let's hope these stay away for a while!

**Belly Button in or out? In

**What I am looking forward to: Finding out what our LO is! My feeling is girl, but I'd be excited to be surprised either way!

**Weekly Wisdom: Sleep as much as you need. (Notice, I didn't say want. I'd be sleeping all day long.) From what I've heard, you'll cherish these last few months of sleep.

**Milestones: 2nd tri!! LO is starting to form teeth and vocal cords!

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