Friday, September 4, 2009

Sad circumstances = horrible week.

If any of you reading this believe in praying, please take a moment and pray for two of my friends (and their families); this week has been devestating for them.

One of my best friends, A, hurt her ankle wakeboarding in June. She never went to the doctor, and the pain just kept getting worse. Finally, in mid-August, she went in to have x-rays done. The doctors were concerned with what they saw. They sent her for testing at Emory in Atlanta, and the news was unexpectedly horibble. She has cancer. 24 years old, she has a 1 year old and lives a very active, social lifestyle. The doctors don't know what kind of cancer it is yet, and I'm praying it's not bone cancer. (If it is, she could suffer months or years fighting this deadly cancer, and face the possibility of losing her leg.) She's such a great mother, such a wonderful, refreshing person to be around! I can't imagine being faced with the difficult decisions that await her. Please pray that God gives her the strength to fight this, and if it is at all in His will, she will make it out of this and never look back. Her son, first and foremost, needs that for her.

I also was shocked behind belief yesterday to come home to the news that a high school friend, whom I dated for a brief period of time, was murdered early Thursday morning. That statement in itself brings a flood of emotions; everything from hatred (I wish I didn't have) towards the murderer, to an overwhelming sense of sadness and lose, to a gut wrenching feeling that this is all a horific nightmare, and somehow I'm going to awake knowing Rob and his family are safe in sound in their beds.

The most sickening detail of this murder is the fact that Rob was murdered BY HIS OWN MOTHER. I believe being pregnant, feeling that maternal sense, makes those words even harder to phatom... if that's even possible. Rob's father died two years ago by a massive heart attack. I'm not trying to make assumptions, but I do believe that his passing was too hard to deal with for his mother.

She wrote a detailed two page letter Wednesday night, describing how she planned to carry out the murder. She also described why. Rob was in debt because of his troubled past. His mother described how she wanted relief for herself and her son from his debt. That was her motive. She was such a weak person, she couldn't handle a circumstance that 90% of people are in at this moment. Get the Fvck over yourself! This world is becoming more and more evil, psychotic, unphatomable. I don't understand.

I just ask that everyone please say a prayer for these two individuals and their families. I can't imagine, and pray I never have to know, how these families are feeling this morning. It breaks my heart a thousand times over. God bless them.

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