Monday, December 21, 2009

28 Weeks

Christmas is this week!! This time of the year always makes me emotional. It's a time to reflect on everything that has happened in the past year, both good and bad, and thank God for everything he has blessed us with. I know that's what Thanksgiving is for, but Christmas is my "thanksgiving". :) I love the emotions that you feel during this time of the year.

With that being said, the last thing I need right now is another reason to make me emotional. This week has been terrible in that I've cried more than I've smiled. I'm so truly happy right now, but I have seriously had emotional breakdowns over absolutely nothing. For example: We're ->this<- close to finishing our house. While Jack was tiling the master bathroom this past weekend, I went off to find two mirrors for above our vanity. I came home with two very plain, rectangular mirrors. (Don't get the wrong impression though, I really liked these mirrors!) Come to find out, our electrician just so happened to put a plug right were the mirror needed to be. Who puts a friggin outlet directly above the faucet?! I was so pissed that we couldn't use my mirrors! I started crying, and didn't stop until about 30 minutes later when Jack suggested we just go buy some oval mirrors. Problem solved. I'm still embarrassed to admit that my entire emotional breakdown was a result of that tiny little dilema, but it was. I've cried because our driveway is muddy, even though we had 2 inches of rain in one day. I cried on the way to pick up my dog from the groomer because I just knew she hated being there. I cried because I dropped my mixing spoon with spaghetti sauce on the floor, and had to get another spoon out of the drawer. I've literally cried over everything! I'm even going to admit that as I type this, I have tears in my eyes just thinking about all the crying I've done. Ugh...

Enough of that. Here's my weekly update:

**How far along? 28 Weeks! 12 to go!

**Total weight gain/loss: I'm skipping this question until next week. I'm praying the weight I've gained is due to some major water retention, so I'll update next time. :)

**How big is baby?: She should be just above the 2 lb. mark now!

*Maternity clothes? Oh yes...

**Stretch marks? Still just the lonesome dove.

**Sleep: Woohoo!! I feel like a new woman this week!

**Best moment this week: Feeling what I assume was her heel. :) I touched it, and she reared back and kicked the snot out of my hand. How cute?!

**Movement: She's been a little more laid back this week, although she's still very active in my opinion!

**Food cravings: Koolaid... cherry to be exact.

**Gender: Sweet baby girl!

**Labor Signs: Let's hope these stay away for a while!

**Belly Button in or out? You can see it through my shirt, although I wouldn't completely call it an "outie".

**What I am looking forward to: Christmas!

**Weekly Wisdom: Emotional breakdowns are yet another symptom of pregnancy... they have to be. (Don't tell me if they're not. K thanks.)

**Milestones: We have (hopefully) less than 3 months before Lily is here!

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