Tuesday, December 29, 2009

*Slush Puppies - How I love thee*

10+ years ago, on a sad day in Georgia, we lost the only remaining gas station in our city that served Slush Puppies. Our last 7/11 was taken over by Circle K, and from that day on, we had to travel over an hour to treat ourselves to the sugary, frozen goodness of a Slush Puppie. Oh how I've missed my favorite slushy!! I've tried and tested every single slushy I could get my hands on since then, hoping to find a replacement, with no luck. Nothing even comes close.

Last Saturday after dinner I had the worst case of heartburn I've had in a while. We didn't have any Tums left, so I stopped by a gas station on the way home to pick up a few packs. I've been to this gas station plenty of times, but rarely ever went inside. In fact, if I said I'd been inside twice, that would probably be pushing it. So off I go, walking the aisles looking for Tums. I found my Tums, but something else caught my eye. I look up, and what do you know?!? My old friend, the Slush Puppie, is in front of my eyes!

Ahhh!!! How did I not know this placed served the best drink in the world!!! I seriously thought I would have a panic attack in the middle of the store from being overly excited. I grabbed the biggest cup I could find and overfilled it with my favorite flavor, cherry.

I am now in pregnancy heaven!! I really don't think any other food/drink could make me as happy as these silly little slush puppies! If you've never had one, please, for the sake of my sanity, GO FIND ONE IMMEDIATELY!! You will thank me for it I promise!!

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  1. I have never heard of slush puppies but now I want one. I don't think we have them here in New Mex. For some reason I crave McDonald's Coke. I don't know why it taste better than any other coke out there.