Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Not so "girly" bedding.

We've decided on Lily's nursery colors and bedding! We still don't have a house to decorate, but it all looks good on paper, right? This is the set we've chosen for her crib:

Notice: No pink. :) We've already gotten some mixed reviews as far as likes/dislikes, but all that matters is we absolutely love it, and that's what we're going with.

We decided to put chair rail in her room to spice it up a little, so above the rail is painted the same green that's in the bedding, while below the rail is a solid pure white. (Yes - I realize that it's going to get dirty... it's okay)

Her crib is just a bit darker than the one pictured, and not so "majestic" looking. We also ordered our glider, which came in last Saturday! Unfortunately, we have absolutely nowhere to store it, so it's still boxed up somewhere in a cold warehouse. Poor chair. :P


  1. I love that bedding! It was on my short list for if we had a little girl. We ended up with woodland creatures for our little man though. Hope your house gets done soon so you can get started! Heck, i have a house and haven't started yet - the kitchen has taken precedence.

  2. I like your not so girly bedding. I had picked out several that weren't completely girly and then settled on one that was TOTALLY girly without a doubt. It's called Love Birds by Banana Fish. I just loved the trees and birds on it....even if it was pink.